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Semi Private Personal Training



Who We

We are a community of motivated athletes, coaches, support staff and family. 

We pride ourselves in providing committed and dedicated athletes with the expertise and environment that is necessary to reach maximum potential. 

Better Players, by Design.


Testimonials from Top Athletes


"The results I continue to get in here keeps me going and push me forward. Training with Brad, alongside guys like Ennis, Chipchura and my brother keeps it a competitive atmosphere and a fun place to train."

Jared Spurgeon

NHL Hockey Player

Captain of the Minnesota Wild

meet the team


Brad McNamara

Head Strength Coach & Co-Owner

Training some of the top athletes in Canada where speed and power is a priority. Based on his experience training athletes in the NHL, CFL, AHL, UFC, WHL, NCAA, and Olympic sports, Brad has the skillset to enhance your physical performance.

Dan LaJoie

Director of Athletic Performance & Co-Owner

As Director of Athletic Performance, Dan oversees the progress of our athletes and ensures the highest quality of training and equipment is being provided. 

OUR Sport Programs

What sets top players apart from the competition? The "Game Breaking Abilities" of maximum SPEED, POWER, STRENGTH, AGILITY, and ENDURANCE - at levels well above the competition. Whether you are a novice athlete just beginning to train, or a seasoned professional looking for a competitive edge, at Athletes Nation, we have the experience and expertise to help you develop these abilities.

If your sport requires speed, strength, power, agility, or stamina, we can develop a program for you. Send us a message and let's get started.

Location & Directions

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